The Eliminator winter cover eliminates all the hassles of the traditional cover pool opening.  In the spring there is no sitting water to pump and makes opening a delight! Available in rectangle and custom shaped pools.


How Does it Work?

A blue mesh runs down the center of the cover. During the winter ice and snow envelop the cover weighing it down in the center. As the snow melts in the spring the water filters through the mesh line. As a result the cover slowly rises. When the ice has melted, the cover is stretched tightly across the pool. Any debris, leaves or dirt dry up and simply blow away!

Your cover is clean and free of debris. Simply unhook the straps and pull out the eye-bolts, rinse the cover off and fold it up. You save hours of time and hard work. No pumping off your cover! No more piles of leaves in your pool! No more messy tubes to handle! Please note the Eliminator winter cover is not a safety cover.


How to Install the In-Ground Eliminator winter cover